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Members Benefits

Benefit / Vision of Association

  1. To unite at one platform and stand together with one voice.
  2. Improve the strength of FMAI, and also improve bonding and understanding of all members of the group.
  3. Study closely policies of Government of India and also EU and other countries and continuously provide feedback to all concerned government bodies worldwide to improve and structure policies ensuring growth of Fasteners Industry in totality.
  4. To identify common problems and evolve viable solutions.
  5. Joint venture in between foreign and Indian companies through medium of better understanding between foreign and Indian counterpart.
  6. Visiting factories of members overseas and letting them visit our factories to identify strength of each partner and learn from them.
  7. Promote association at National & International exhibitions/events.
  8. Circulating member’s information through website, membership directory & other special magazines & to impart information about member’s manufacturing activities & services they can offer so that members can take benefit of facilities available within their group.
  9. Establishment of fastener cluster.
  10. To make available the latest technique for manufacturing of Fasteners.


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